Worship Opportunities


 Worship & Music Committee – Sherry Scheider – Chair person

What:  The committee oversees all aspects of worship and music at church, working closely with Pastor, organist, choir director, and coordinators.

How often:  The committee meets once a month on the 1st Tuesday at 1:00 pm.


Lay Eucharistic Minister – Phil Smalley and John Wolf, Coordinators

What: Take Holy Communion to members of the Body of Christ who are unable to worship with us regularly.

How often: Eucharistic Ministers are sent out in pairs on the first Sunday of the month. Six groups of ministers are needed each month. is a rotation in place so you are not scheduled each month.


Ushers – Coordinator – Bob Tukker

What:  Hand out the bulletins, count attendance, collect the offering, and direct worshippers during communion. After the service, remove papers from pews, pull attendance sheets from attendance books, and put in the church office.

Who: Adults, junior, or senior high students.

How often:  Once every two or three months.


Greeters –  Coordinator

What:  Welcome members and visitors. Hand visitors a welcome booklet, encourage visitors to fill out a name tag.

Who: Adults, junior, or senior high students.

How often:  Once every two or three months.


Readers –  Coordinator

What:  Reading the First and Second readings of the day, and assist with Holy Communion.

Who: Adults, junior, or senior high students.

How often:  Once every two or three months.


Assisting Ministers – 

What:  Help lead the Sunday morning worship with the pastor. Duties would include: wearing an alb (white robe) for worship, leading the prayers, and being the communion assistant (e.g. helping to distribute the wine/grape juice).

How often:  Normally, you would be scheduled to serve no more than one worship service per month. The pastor will train all new volunteers.


Altar Guild – Sherry Scheider, Coordinator

What:  Assist in creating a climate of worship for the congregation by preparing the elements for Holy Communion, clean-up after each Eucharist, care of vessels and linens, placement of paraments, flower distribution and arrangement for special holidays, and preparation of the funeral pall when needed.

How often:  Once every other month. We always welcome new members.


Senior Choir – Richard Popp, Music Coordinator  

Currently not active

What:  Adults sing on Sunday mornings from September – May and at occasional special services throughout the year.

How often:  Practice is on Wednesdays, September-May, from 7:15-8:30 p.m.

If interested, please contact Susie


Bell Choir – 

currently not active

What:  Play in the Bell Choir, a multi-generational group that plays monthly during morning worship service, September-May, and Christmas Eve. They do not play during Lent.

Who: Adults, junior, or senior high students.

How often:  Practice is on Wednesdays, September-May, from 6-7:15 p.m.


Vocal and Instrumental Solo/Ensemble – Richard Popp

What:  Provide vocal or instrumental music on a Sunday morning during the special music portion of the service.

Who: Adults, junior, or senior high students.

How often:  Opportunities are available on Sunday mornings year-round.


Sanctuary Visual Effects –  – Committee

What: The main purpose is to create sanctuary visual arts for all seasons of the year.  Many hands are required for this and ideas are always welcome.

How Often:  A schedule is necessary to accommodate personal time commitments.  Come join us for a rewarding time and fun!


Communion Presenters  Coordinator

What: On the 1st Sunday of each month 2 people carry the communion elements down the center aisle immediately following the ushers when they take the offering down. Open to adults and 3rd-8th graders.

How often: Once or twice a year.


Wedding Coordinator – Candy Wolf

What:  This person is a liaison between bridal party and church, who meets with the couple prior to the wedding, opens the church the day of the wedding, and sees to any needs of the bridal party.  There is a stipend for this service paid by the bridal couple.