Fellowship Opportunities

Janette Erickson, Committee Chair.

Fellowship Team

What:  This team makes decisions on what large outings and activities will be offered to the congregation and may also head committees of congregation volunteers who wish to plan and host events.  This team will also assist congregation volunteers to set up and promote events, and give overall support for existing fellowship groups.

How often:  This team will meet as needed.


Easter Egg Hunt Committee

What:  Youth Easter egg hunt, organizing item donations for the hunt, prepare eggs & coordinate the hunt by age group.

How often:  Once a year on Palm Sunday with at least one planning meeting.


Easter Breakfast Committee

What:  A breakfast is provided for the congregation between the two Easter services.  Help is needed to prepare the food, setting up, and cleaning up.

How often:  Once a year on Easter Sunday, with at least one planning meeting.


Church Picnic Committee

What:  During the summer, a church picnic is provided at an area park.  Help is needed to plan the meal and activities to be offered at the picnic.  Setting up, running the event, and cleaning up is also part of the committee’s responsibilities.

How often:  Once a year during the summer, with at least one planning meeting.


Holiday Fellowship

What:  Holiday gathering for the congregation to celebrate the holiday season; ie Cookies & Caroling or fellowship Christmas party.

Who: Adults, junior, or senior high students.

How often:  Once a year in December, with at least one planning meeting.


Funeral Luncheon Committee – Sherry Scheider, Coordinator

What:  When a member of our congregation dies, we offer the family a luncheon here at the church for the mourners.  Help is needed in recruiting congregation members to provide the food, set up, and clean up.

How often:  On an as-needed basis.