Christian Education


  • Rhoda Fox, Christian Education Council Rep., 


Christian Education Committee

What:  A group of parents and congregates interested in being involved in the programs and activities provided for our children. Group decides curriculum offerings, event dates, and opportunities, plus forms a base for volunteers.

How often:  Committee meets as needed, approximately 4 times per year.


Volunteers Needed

Sunday School: Leaders need to share prepared materials with children. We would like for teachers to remain consistent throughout the year if possible. The season follows regular school, Sept. to May between services on Sunday mornings 9:30-10:30.

Vacation Bible School: One week of mornings in the summer from 8:30-11:30 a.m., leading a class of children in sharing prepared lessons.

People also needed to provide and/or serve food, supervise outside play, help with craft projects, set up and clean up before and after the week.


Christmas Program

What:  The Sunday School’s presentation of the glorious Christmas season.  All children and teens are encouraged to take part in this event.  High School students may join us as well.

Who: Adults, junior, or senior high students.

How often:  Practices take place during Sunday School’s time slot in November and December


Youth Committee

What:  This committee oversees the activities of the Junior/Senior High School youth group.  They plan and publicize activities and provide support.  Any interested adult, whether you have children in the youth groups or not, may sign up.  Those who have been confirmed and college-aged adults are encouraged to volunteer for this activity.  Ideally, this committee should include various age groups.

How often:  Meets twice a year.


Youth Event Leader

What:  Provides adult leadership for a youth activity.  This may include driving children or teens without a license for various activities.  Also, youth leaders help set up, clean up, shop, take pictures, help with bulletin boards, etc.

How often:  Activities occur periodically throughout the year.


Junior/Senior Youth Group

What:  Those students in junior and senior high school are in this group.  Teens get together for fellowship, conduct mission projects, go on retreats, and have fun during social activities.  Sometimes events are scheduled with junior high school students, and other times junior high students participate in separate activities.  High school students should mark this group on the Adult Time and Talent Sheet.  Seventh and eighth graders should use the Youth Time and Talent Sheet to mark this group.

How often:  Once a month.