Please double check this schedule.  Changes have been made.  If you are unable to assist at a scheduled time, please let the office know.
<March  SVLC Worship assistants April 2019 May>
  Apr. 07, 2019 Apr. 14, 2019 Apr. 21, 2019 Apr. 21, 2019 Apr. 28, 2019
      8:15 a.m 10:45 a.m.  
ASSISTING MINISTER Dyvone Freburg Don Kilroy Sherry Scheider John Wolf Phil Smalley
ACOLYTE Logan Bailey Tony Fiorenza  Gina Fiorenza Cassidy Purvis Cayla Purvis
READER Phil Smalley Zane Smalley LaVone Downing Mary Alice Peterson Neva Abel
GREETER Martin & Ann Honer Al & Kay Jackson Mike & Julie Johnson Linda DeGroff & Neva Abel Steve & Mary Larsen
USHER Brian Carpenter & Harry Grueneberg Kevin & Vicki Nitz Bob Tukker &             Martin Honer Neva Abel &                Dyvone Freburg Dennis & William Scheider
OPENER Dennis Scheider Robert Aken Don Wiese Bob Tukker
DEACON Sherry Scheider  Sherry Scheider  Sherry Scheider  Sherry Scheider 
ALTAR GUILD Linda Severson Carol Bailey Kris Tukker Annette Aken
BREAD TO VISITORS Rhoda Fox Dyvone Freburg Don Wiese Adolph & Bev Wacker
HOSPITALITY HOSTS     Easter Judy Mille
ALTAR FLOWERS Wolf's 39th Anniversary Judy Miller     Don & Neva Abel 57th Anniversary
COUNTERS Kendra Larsen Linda Severson   Neva Abel Denis Scheider
NURSERY ATTENDANT Peggy Wenstrom Patte Lund Peggy Wenstrom   Peggy Wenstrom
NURSERY ASSISTANT Tabatha Scheider Sally Schrader Kris Tukker   Janette Erickson
John & Candy Wolf Myrna Hageman & Judy Miller Adolph & Bev Wacker
  Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter Vigil
  Apr. 18, 2019 Apr. 19, 2019 April 20, 2019
  7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.
ASSISTING MINISTER Zane Smalley Dyvone Freburg Sherry Scheider
ACOLYTE Fiorenza    
READER Alexa Smalley Axandra Smalley Bob Tukker
USHER Dennis & William Scheider Zane & Don Wiese Kevin & Vicki Nitz
ALTAR GUILD Kris Tukker   Sherry Scheider